Mercedes-Benz Art Scope Award 2009 - 2017 / 2018

Text by: Renate Wiehager

Curator, Daimler Collection

Exhibition title: Visions of Exchange
Venue: Daimler Contemporary Berlin
Dates: June 2 - November 4, 2018

Floating Worlds:

The translation of observations from nature, urbanity, and traditions of Japanese fine art also mark the abstract image worlds in the complicated drawings of Hiroe Saeki (1978 in Osaka, Japan).
The minuscule, repeating, and yet slightly modified forms seems to float like individual ecological organism against the white image surface: volatile, continuously exposed to the natural process of change. The artist works with pencil, and sometimes with accents of ink and acrylic, usually on smooth, chard-white paper, which supports the surreal, extremely artificial aspect of her shapes. With the first creation of the drawing, the empty space of the paper is already defined and qualified as an active moment of image expression. The molecular, natural-seeming, black and white shape complexes gain their suggestive concision from the greatest possible contract to the cool white of the image space, in order to establish a harmony of its own order with this at the same time.

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